If Star Wars Were Managed by Michael Scott

By 03/25/2011
If Star Wars Were Managed by Michael Scott

CollegeHumor recently upped its programming slate.


The destination for coeds and comedic online video connoisseurs put its major initiatives in the web series world on hold in 2008 to pursue a production model that releases one viral video sensation after another. But after executing a successful stint in episodic online video last Fall (with titles like Very Mary Kate, Full Benefits, and Hello My Name Is), CollegeHumor is once again back in the business of making web series. Watch Troopers and you’ll be glad the company came around.

The program takes the Clerks conversation on Jedi politics to its next logical step. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of soldiers in the Imperial Army, right? And those individuals, even the nondescript ones behind the Stormrooper masks are people, too, right? So wouldn’t they be susceptible to the same whims, desires, SNAFUs, and blundering mistakes like the rest of us?

Aubrey Plaza (from NBC’s Parks and Recreation) stars as a mildly annoyed princess from Alderaan with a weird harido who puts up with a couple of stormtrooper-like guards (played by Sam Reich and Josh Ruben) who graduated from the Michael Scott School of Business Etiquette, Tactics, and Management.

The series explores topics Star Wards fanatics talk about with their friends when they’re bored, excited, and/or under the influence of illicit substances, like how long does it take to get from one place to another on an intergalactic space station the size of a planet? Are there seminars to learn Jedi mind tricks? And what’s the 9 to 5 grind like for you average, low-level Imperial Army enrolee?

Did the Alderaan reference above make sense to you? Even if it didn’t, you should give this one a watch.