Exclusive: Johnny Knoxville On ‘Jackass 3.5’

By 03/25/2011
Exclusive: Johnny Knoxville On ‘Jackass 3.5’
Jackass 3.5

In November Tubefilter broke the news that Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass crew were planning on an online-only followup to their mega hit Jackass 3D. We now know that on April Fools Day the pranksters are premiering Jackass 3.5 on the newly reminted Joost.com, now part of the Adconion Media Group.

The feature length movie, which will be distributed first as a compilation of several web episodes, features over 80 minutes of all-new footage shot during Jackass 3D production. Tubefilter had a chance to sit down with Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Dave England, and director Jeff Tremaine discuss their favorite parts:

Highlights include Steve-O’s painful introduction to a snapping turtle, Bam Margera’s rocket-powered trip to Uranus, and Chris Pontius’s wood pecker. “His poor penis,” lamented Tremaine. Jackass 3.5 is the first of the projects to make use of the Phantom super slow motion camera, which documented every face slam, body blow, and nut shot in agonizing detail.

When asked about his penchant for sailor outfits, Knoxville gave this coy response: “I’m just crazy about seamen.” Speaking of which, Jackass 3.5 also features the only successful prank pulled on Knoxville, in which his face lotion was infused with horse semen. It went undetected by Knoxville for over a month until it was revealed at the Jackass 3D cast and crew screening. Knoxville’s take:

Jackass 3.5 premieres on Joost.com on April 1, 2011. Here’s the trailer: