Only a couple web series have made it to episode 1,000. And by couple, I literally mean two. The aberrant and educational daily news program Rocketboom and the thunder show that continues to shock the oenophile community Wine Library TV.

Rocketboom celebrated the milestone on September 15, 2008 and pondered a future with Sarah Palin as president. Wine Library TV commemorated the achievement on March 14, 2011 with its effervescent creator and host Gary Vaynerchuk proclaiming the program’s 1,000th episode would be its last.

The talented new media individual who’s caught the attention of the mainstream more than anyone else in the industry (with too many personality profiles in publications like Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Slate to count, palate-training sessions on Conan and Ellenthree best-selling books, and a SiriusXM radio show) thanked his fans and the people that made one thousand episodes of WLTV happen before explaining he’s shutting down the show to start a new one.

gary-vaynerchuk-daily-grapeVaynerchuck will now educate and entertain the wine-drinking masses with metaphors second only to Charlie Sheen’s via daily episodes on Daily Grape. The online destination and mobile application serves as a new home for Vaynerchuk’s wine reviews, which he hopes will make for more timely episodes and give viewers are more usable experience.

The installments of Daily Grape won’t be uber-short, but they also won’t be as long as the often pre-tapped WLTV. “I started feeling uncomfortable with the fact that I was taping ahead and the show wasn’t as fast,” says Vaynerchuk. He’ll shoot the tight 10-minute-or-less episodes from wherever he is that day, whether it be back in Jersey at the Wine Library HQ or on the road getting hand cramps from signing too many books.

The Daily Grape application gives viewers an opportunity to watch the show on their mobile devices and provides some simple yet nifty functionality. Users can watch Gary opine, check out the wines he’s raving about, add said wines to a wish list, view their labels, add tasting notes about said wines, and (my guess is in the future) purchase said wines directly from Wine Library.

It’s a great idea, especially as the general population gets more comfortable watching video and making purchases on the go. Gary, with a little bit of mobile, and a lot of you, is certainly continuing to change the wine world (and is slowly moving towards his ultimate goal). Cheers to that.

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