Quick Clicks: Next New Networks, Johnny Wright, ‘About Abby’, MysteryGuitarMan

By 02/10/2011
Quick Clicks: Next New Networks, Johnny Wright, ‘About Abby’, MysteryGuitarMan

Online video and web series news worth clicking today:

MysteryGuitarManRumors about Google acquiring Next New Networks are surfacing again, this time in the Wall Street Journal who reports that Google is in “final-stage discussions to acquire” the online video studio. Still no official word out of either Google or NNN, as neither would comment on the record. But we’ll be sure to ask NNN’s Ben Relles next week at the Tubefilter Meetup. [Wall Street Journal]

MysteryGuitarMan continues to be one of our favorites channels of all time—and we’re not alone in that, his channel is now over 1.7 million subscribers and a staggering 219 million views. His latest is a crafty spilt screen “Doubles” (below) that puts the shades rocking musician in a duet with himself, covering Franz Ferdinand ‘s “Take Me Out.” [MysteryGuitarMan]


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New indie web comedy About Abby premiered yesterday on YouTube from writer-director Sassy Mohen. Keghan Hurst plays a ‘cock-eyed’ young twentysomething optimist looking for love in LA where love and romance aren’t exactly on most guys’ minds. The 10-minute pilot ep is below, and about 7 minutes in, this one gets steamy. Why bother just talking about sex when you can show it? Five episodes are in the first run, though we’ll have to wait 2 weeks for the next one. [About Abby on YouTube]

Johnny Wright is looking for the next pop stars—on the internet. In the latest ep of On The Spot: Johnny Wright’s Quest for the Next Supergroup the longtime music manager—think the Backstreet Boys—drops in with collaborator and Justin Timberlake producer Andre “Dre” Person. It’s still two weeks before they announce the Top 20 contestants, but like Idol, it’s the auditions that are worth watching (below). [Cambio]

Celebritweets Theater reminds me what I love about Family Guy—those often non sequitur cutaways to some much needed celebrity bashing. This show comes from a solo guy in a basement who whips up these “stories behind the tweets” of celebs in the news. And while MSN’s Wonderwall still doesn’t have open embedding of its videos, it’s worth a click to check them out, especially the Black Eyed Peas planning their Super Bowl halftime show with Joe Montana. [Wonderwall]

How To Fake It In America: The title of this new series is pure win. Derivative material of already popular TV shows like MTV’s Skins? Yeah, but that’s the point. (See below) This series has polish, and vibe like it doesn’t give a crap. Watch at your own risk. [How To Fake It In America on YouTube]

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