Quick Clicks: Olivia Wilde, Real Life Angry Birds, ‘Red Carpet Run’, ‘2 Man 3 Way’, ’12 Steps’

By 02/08/2011
Quick Clicks: Olivia Wilde, Real Life Angry Birds, ‘Red Carpet Run’, ‘2 Man 3 Way’, ’12 Steps’

Olivia WildeOnline video and web series news worth clicking today:

Wait, Olivia Wilde is splitting from her son-of-an-Italian-prince husband (Tao Ruspoli) after 8 years of marriage? This is big news around the celebriwebs today, and mildly fills the void that Natalie Portman’s recent knock up has caused. So as we polish up on House trivia for her, we are reminded of Ms. Wilde’s exploits into online video with this circa 2008 election video (below) for the State of Ohio featuring her liberally adorned in Ohio State garb. It’s surprisingly bad. But so are most people’s first videos, right? [Funny or Die]

Real Life Angry Birds is the latest video (below) from trick shot masters Almost Twins on Funny or Die, bringing the world’s most addictive mobile app to life in a snow covered field. These are the same guys that brought us “Super Cool Bowling Awesome Trick Shots” and “HIGH-FIVE WORLD CUP!!” We have to say this is there best yet. [Almost Twins on Funny or Die]

Red Carpet Run is heading to KoldCast TV starting February 10, in a syndication deal set up by the team at Avignon Bound Media, which crafted this quirky online game show that features contestants in awards show attire answering trivia while running on a treadmill. Viewers will have 24hrs on “Watch and Win” day to tweet the answer to @redcarpetrun, and a winner will be selected at random from the group of correct answers. Prizes will range from iTunes gift-cards to one-month subscriptions to Netflix. [Red Carpet Run]

Old Friends creators Metropolitan Bait & Tackle are still keeping busy while on hiatus from their Streamy-winning show. Their latest, “2 Man 3 Way” (below) ponders the dark side of the gold standard of male fantasies (The Threeway) with a little help from Sorority Forever’s Mikaela Hoover and Old Friends’ Tim Curcio. [Metropolitan Bait & Tackle]

12-Steps To Recovery, a dating life comedy that bowed last summer from Stuart Films has been picked up by BBN (Black Broadcasting Network) on Verizon FiOS bringing it into the living rooms of the roughly 3.5 million FiOS TV subscribers. Set to premiere March 1st on BBN, the show will also stay up on its YouTube channel for those without FiOS. [BBN]

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