My brother’s wife thinks men who don’t like cats hate women. So, she considers me the King Leonidas of misogynists.

its-okay-to-be-a-cat-guyIt’s not that I dislike cats, I don’t get them. Furry little felines can be fun if they know leetspeak, but aside from an innate ability to understand how to use a litter box and the benefits of having something around that likes to constantly rub up against you, I don’t get the appeal. Especially for dudes. When I see pictures of guys with cats, I think how much happier they’d be with dogs.

Much Love Animal Rescue, LA Animal Services, and Mark Moll are starting to convince me otherwise.

In an effort to “encourage men across the country to get in touch with their feline side and to raise awareness about feline adoption,” Moll (an advertising guru formerly with CPB) conceived of a seven-day event to inform the general public of the fact there are a lot of men in the world who like cats. Cat Guy Week began on February 7 and runs through February 13. Between those dates, men can adopt felines from Much Love for $50 and will receive “special discounts, free shots and microchipping from any of the LA Animal Service shelters.”

In order to promote Cat Guy Week, Moll teamed up with director Kevin McCalester and NYC production company Ghost Robot for a quartet of shorts featuring cat-loving men doing things men do. There’s a biker, a bartender, a boxer, and a golfer, each in his element with his preferred pet of choice by his side.

I’m not yet buying Christopher Coppola’s argument that his cat “could handle a foxhole,” but it’s swaying my opinion. If it’s convinced you, be sure to visit Much Love this week, take one of these little creatures home, and rest assured that it’s fast becoming okay to be a cat guy.

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