Rogue Pictures and Brittani Louise Taylor Team Up For ‘Tube Top’

By 01/24/2011
Rogue Pictures and Brittani Louise Taylor Team Up For ‘Tube Top’

Tube Top - rogueIf you go by her bio in the VidCon 2010 program, Brittani Louise Taylor is “one of the fastest rising stars of YouTube. Known for her hilarious and uber-HD videos, Taylor’s high-end production has showed YouTube users how good video can look online.” She also has that special magic only top YouTube influencers have: the tall, striking dark-haired cutie with the winning smile makes you feel at home, as if you could call her up for a night of doing each others nails and gossiping about boys (well, for me anyway…).

So it comes as no surprise that iamrogue, the official YouTube channel of Rogue Pictures/Relativity Media, tapped Taylor to host their new weekly show focusing on the highlights of the previous weeks’ top YouTube creatives. Relativity’s SVP of Digital Media, Nick Turner told us, “we’ve been impressed with Brittani’s enthusiasm and work ethic and it became obvious that she would be the perfect person to shine a light on some of creative and innovative programming being done on YouTube today.”

Rogue is not new to working extensively with YouTubers. Continued Turner: “Rogue is always looking to be on the cutting edge of innovation across Cinema, TV and online media. Recently in the marketing of our movies, we created a number of incredibly successful online marketing campaigns with multiple YouTube video stars.”

These campaigns included the DeFranco Inc.-produced Skyline Campaign and Catfish Campaign (full disclosure: I was a member of the DeFranco Inc. staff at the time of these campaigns). These campaigns included an interweaving of exclusive film content provided by Rogue, original content (such as the hilarious My Soul to Take Literal Trailer created by Toby Turner, one of my favorites of his numerous Literal Trailers), and in the case of Skyline, even included ARG-elements that resembled a form of video scavenger hunt.

Taylor tells us she is excited by the new opportunity. “Rogue is an amazing company to work with, and really get YouTube and what we do,” she gushed about her new partner. “It has been a pleasure getting to work with such a smart and unique group of people. They are writing, producing, and doing most everything. I just have to show up and have fun!”

The first episode of Tube Top included clips from creators such as Shane Dawson, The Fine Brothers, MysteryGuitarMan, and Freddy Wong, just to name a few, and included a discussion on a tread that seems to be emerging in 2011 of even more vlogging as opposed to more “sketch”-centric videos, including Philip DeFranco using his vlog to find a girlfriend for his editor. The use of YouTube’s annotation system and playlisting makes it possible for you to quickly gain access to all the videos referenced in the episode. The episode ends with a call-to-action question to the audience, which enters them to win prizes.

I asked Taylor if there was anything special in the works for future shows. “Possibly special guest hosts, a “Test Tube” segment where we look at up and coming YouTuber videos and even cooler contests/prizes! We will see!” She also had the following message when I asked if she had anything else to share with our readers:

“Just that they are pretty darn cool.”