Top Viral Videos of 2010While the Internet of 2010 may justifiably go down as the year of Antoine Dodson, there were many other videos out there that deserved equal levels of oversaturation. Here are a few deeper cuts of the viral video soundtrack that was 2010—videos that personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in 2011!

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
My favorite video of the year had the perfect mix of celebrities, spoofs, being “topical” and just downright funny! Thumbs up to Eric Appel and Aaron Paul for pulling off this production. TBS may have turned Eric’s “Undercover Karaoke” viral into a TV Show, but “Weird” is the one that personally, I’d pay to see full-length.

Halloween Outfits for Girly Children
Many friends and colleagues I shared this Halloween clip with thought it was real. Which worries me on two levels—that people could believe such a story would make it on the morning news, and that not enough people know about The Onion’s Today NOW! Someone needs to make this spoof series a cable series!

Jedi A-holes
Between his clever celebrity work with Robert Rodriquez among others, and his road trip through America collaborating with fans across the country, Freddie Wong proved to be one of this year’s true online talents. Freddie is one of the YouTubers that takes each of his videos to a place rarely seen even in a lot of Hollywood blockbusters—each production has originality and quality. My favorite FreddieW video of last year was “Jedi A-holes”—I hope he’ll revisit it sometime soon.

How to Report the News
This Charlie Brooker piece from the second season of Newswipe is satire at its best. The sound-bite actors are so spot on, it begins to feel like a real 60 minutes segment and all I want to see is more!

Re: @Alyssa_Milano 1 | Old Spice
Aside from being the greatest social viral strategy ever, it was the writing and acting that made this campaign stand apart. My favorite was this response to @Alyssa_Milano—true genius indeed! Will Old Spice man ever return? I sure hope so.

Worst Tattoo Customer in History
Did she know she was on camera? Why is she being filmed? Why is the tattoo artist being so impatient? Is there any history between them? And what in the world was she getting scribbled on her back? This video leaves me wanting more information!

Microwave a box of wine
It’s not always about the writing or the quality—sometimes it’s just cool to watch a box of wine explode and nearly set fire to a kitchen. Watching things blow up in a microwave never gets old! Once they patch up their kitchen, they need to experiment with something else.

Twilight: For Guys
“Wow Andy, real lame of you to pick one of your OWN videos”—but I can’t resist. Besides, this is one viral video we can actually deliver a sequel to in 2011. Keep your eyes peeled!

andy signoreAndy Signore is the Creative Lead at Break Media (and He has created original content for a prestigious clientele, including Pepsi, Showtime, MTV, Current TV, Sketchers, and Disney Channel, to name a few. In 2007, he launched SecretSauce.TV, a website showcasing his various short-form projects. Not long after, Andy won an MTV Movie Award for his film spoof UNITED 30. Andy then took on the role of Online Content Director for Salient Media & The Collective, a distribution and talent management firm in Beverly Hills, California, where he shot projects with A-list talent, including Garry Shandling, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Nealon, and Eddie Izzard Most recently, Andy worked as a content development producer for, partnering with a wide range of Disney franchises, character IPs, and outside vendors. His impressive satirical and dramatic storytelling talents continue to provide a fresh perspective across creative media.

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