On the Christmas episode of Glee, the McKinley High Glee Club went to extraordinary lengths to protect Brittany S. Pierce’s (Heather Morris) belief in Santa Claus, going so far as to convince the football coach (Dot-Marie Jones) to break into her house in full St. Nick regalia.

While their efforts were ultimately successful, they could have saved some trouble, although, at the expense of some wacky high school high-jinks, if they had simply paid a visit to the Portable North Pole.

portable-north-poleYes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and this year you can receive a personalized message from him.

The Portable North Pole is a website that, with just a little user input, creates a customized video message from Santa Claus, which can be shared with any number of recipients. There are numerous scenarios to choose from, including a visit to Santa’s reindeer training center or a stroll through the Elves’ secret ice hall. The result is a video clever enough to amaze or impress both young and old alike.

The level of customization is impressive. Users begin by selecting the appropriate age or relationship with the intended recipient. This allows one to send messages that are appropriate for either a child or one’s business partner. Once selected, one simply needs to fill out a few questions. There is even an option to choose how naughty or nice the person has been. Lastly, to further enhance the experience, pictures of the recipient may be added along with messages about various events throughout the year. The whole process takes less than a few minutes.

While there have been similar customizable video sites in the past, usually as part of a corporate promotion, none that I have seen provide the level of personalization that the Portable North Pole offers users. The site is free to use; however, if one wishes a permanent copy of their personalized message, they are available for $4.99. A fair price for someone who wants to add a personal message from Santa to the digital scrapbook.

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