Love Story Sweeps China’s YouTube

By 10/28/2010
Love Story Sweeps China’s YouTube

That Love ComesChina’s most popular video sharing site, Tudou—like so many Chinese internet services—has modeled itself after its Western counterpart. Yet unlike YouTube, which mainly distributes user-generated or licensed content, Tudou is in the business of creating its own premium content for distribution, and it is having enormous success.

That Love Comes, a Tudou-produced web series created for the launch of the Anheuser-Busch BudLime brand in China, has garnered over 10 million views for the first two episodes alone since its launch on October 15, 2010, with more than 10 distribution partners in other 9 regions across Asia Pacific airing the series throughout the fall.

“With high quality production and 100% control of each and every step making this series, we are able to create additional content placements and distribution commercial opportunities other than just putting ads before and around videos,” said Gary Wang, Founder & CEO of Tudou. “We serve a highly attractive demographic to brand marketers who are reaching the young and trend savvy consumers in the market to whom the internet is penetrating better.”

Twelve 30 minute episodes tell the story of a 23-year old small town girl, working in a big city convenience store, who meets a fashion photographer undecided about his relationship with his supermodel girlfriend. The dramatic love story, which explores this complex relationship, also touches upon broader themes about the drive for survival and success for young people in modern day China.