Canada’s Ruby Skye P.I. Gets To The Bottom of ‘The Spam Scam’

By 10/27/2010
Canada’s Ruby Skye P.I. Gets To The Bottom of ‘The Spam Scam’

Ruby Skye P.I.Toronto-based independent digital studio Story2.OH, with participation from the Independent Production Fund, has launched tween comedy Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam, a detective web series aimed at young teenagers.

Starring Toronto-based Madison Cheeatow, The Spam Scam is the first in a series of web series under the newly formed Ruby Skye P.I. brand. The twelve episode series, which premiered this Monday, tells a family-friendly mystery about Ruby, a self-appointed neighborhood vigilante and her nosy antics:

The Spam Scam follows Ruby and her friends’ hilarious adventures as she discovers that Someone is taking advantage of her colorful and kooky neighbor’s generosity — and That Same Scammer-Someone seems to be running their whole nasty operation right out of her very own school!

With series like Ghost Town, The Possibility Shop, eScape, and the recently debuted Loop Scoops, young teenagers have become an increasingly targeted demographic. And producers understand the importance of staying up on the various platforms where these youngsters reside and use to interact. “Stepping beyond the television model, we are combining video, blogs, photos, graphics and more to create the next generation of web serial,” said Jill Golick, creator of Ruby Skye P.I.. “We’re bringing our digital drama to the audience, integrating them into the most popular social networking sites that are already playgrounds to millions of users.”

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam airs twice weekly through December 2, 2010.