Between Two Ferns[Editor’s Note: If you liked this video, you must watch Zach Galifianakis get pwned in real life and then see Galifianakis get punked by Steve Carell.]

Just face it, this is the best four minutes you are going to spend today.

Between Two Ferns has been lighting it up lately. And output is sure picking up too, perhaps because of that new juicy sponsorship deal with Speed Stick. Zach Galifiankis’ Streamy Award-winning web series continues to be Funny or Die’s tentpole right now, and nothing appears to be taking away that honor any time soon.

Last time it was Sean Penn and before that Steve Carell trying to outwit Galifiankis on his low-budg interview show, and this time it’s Bruce Willis sitting down for some cold brooding stare-offs. But does he actually get Bruce to open up to his softer side?

Zach: How many children do you have?
Bruce: Three.
Zach: Which one’s your favorite—Ashton?

And is Speed Stick trying to tell Zach something? The deodorant has come on to sponsor the series with some in-video product placement and barrage of banners telling us they can “Help Fight Yellow Stains on Shirts!”

Speed Stick - b2f

And does this mean Zach can’t do Old Spice ads now?

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