Wes CravenIt’s no secret that we’re big fans of Wes Craven here at Tubefilter. The iconic film director is responsible for the better part of the scares during our coming of age and he’s also a big fan of online video. (Remember his takeover of YouTube for Halloween?)

So when BlackBoxTV sat down with Craven for a fan-driven interview, we knew this was worth checking out. Craven is as prolific as ever right now, currently shooting Scream 4, a reboot of his franchise that reinvented horror movies in the 90’s. And on October 8th, his latest film My Soul To Take opens wide in 3D—yes, it’s Craven’s first foray into 3D. (It’s also in 2D for the purists.)

BlackBoxTV founder Tony Valenzuela (metonyv) is a pretty talented director in his own right, scoring a Streamy nomination for his Orwellian 2008 series, 2009: A True Story. The series was in fact one of Craven’s picks for Halloween that year. So we’re pretty sure the self-described ‘Craven fanboy’ had fun with this one.

The interviews kicks of the second phase of BlackBoxTV, where three weeks of scripted episodes are followed by a “BlackBoxTV Extra” featuring a director interview along with BBTV production updates, Valenzuela tells us. Then after two weeks the cycle repeats itself. So we haven’t seen the end of their Twilight Zone fueled mind trips.

Valenzuela directed the video along with fellow BlackBoxTV member Joe Nation TV. The animations are what crack me up however, and for those we can thank Roy St. Clair.

Trailer for My Soul To Take – opens October 8th:

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