The word “Machinima” is a loose hybrid of the words “machine” and “cinema.” It’s used to describe the process of creating real-time animation by manipulating a video game’s engine and assets. is a website that produces and distributes original online machinima series. It generates more than 120 million video views per month across its network, making it one of the top all-time entertainment channels on YouTube and the ultimate destination for video gamers.

Tonight, LIVE, right now, at the Hollywood Web Television Meetup, we are teaming up with in order to get a closer look at this entertainment medium and cutting edge method of storytelling.

machinima Whether it’s the production of a game trailer, episodic series, short film, or empowering the community to develop user generated content, machinima has proven to be a valuable and revolutionary tool that allows future filmmakers and animators to produce and create content they otherwise couldn’t create independently. And with unprecedented success! At a time when live-action web series are becoming the way of the future, machinima offers creatives a viable vehicle for creating highly visual, animated online content.

Watch to see some of the best in the machinima business talk about how they make the video-game-engine-powered-cinematic-magic happen. Tonight’s panelists will take you through the techniques of using games as a way to make compelling machinima content, the technical aspects of using games as a medium, and the business of online video. Here’s the lineup from

  • Rob Jones (VP Gaming Programming)
  • Jeremy Azevedo (Director of Entertainment Programming)
  • Matt Dannevik (Sr. Segment Producer)
  • John Yniguez (Editor, Inside Gaming)
  • SeaNanners (Segment Producer)

Watch LIVE now at Want to ask the panel a question? Head to the chat room on Stickam or tweet us @tubefilter with the hashtgag #tubefilter. And a very special thanks to our good friends at Stickam for making tonight’s live stream possible.

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