NYTVF Selections Filled With Web Series Setting Sights on TV

By 08/09/2010
NYTVF Selections Filled With Web Series Setting Sights on TV

NYTVFContinuing a busy Monday of news from the world of web series, the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) announced its official selections today for the Manhattan-based festival for independent television heading into its six year. The festival will take place in Manhattan September 20-25 at Tribeca Cinemas and the SVA Theater.

Web series are once again increasingly a part of the independent television landscape, with a number of the pilots up for competition in this year’s festival having emerged online or planned for an internet release. Some notable standouts are a new comedy series from 2009 NYTVF winner Al Thompson (Johnny B Homeless) called Baby Daddy Memoirs and Blue Movies’ Scott Brown’s sophomore series Asylum from creator Dan Williams (see trailer above).

Also making the cut this year are a number of existing web series like SOLO, 9AM Meeting, The Bear, The Cloud and God, Greg & Donny, Copy & Pastry, Craig & the Werewolf and Octane Pistols of Fury (trailer below). Trailers of all the selections are on NYTVF’s YouTube channel.

The shows will be more of a competition than other festivals, as several categories are sponsored by TV networks looking to sign top emerging talent from the festival. IFC, for example, is offering a $25,000 development deal for the winner of the “Out of the Box” Award which it will select. Last year’s winner, Food Party, made it on air on IFC and just wrapped its second season with the network.

The full list of NYTVF’s official 2010 selections:

9 AM Meeting (Animated Sitcom)
Created by: Dan McCoy-Brooklyn, NY
A Okay (Dark Comedy)
Created by: Clay Keller, Russell Ford, and Andrew Merrill-Los Angeles, CA
photo missing Agent X (Spy Related Sitcom)
Created by: Philip Connolly-London, England
National Film and Television School (Student Produced)
American Surf Design (Reality)
Created by: Benjamin Scott, Adam Wiesner, and Jason Martinez-Santa Monica, CA
Asylum (Drama)
Created by: Dan Williams-Los Angeles, CA
Baby Daddy Memoirs (Comedy)
Created by: Al Thompson-New York, NY
The Bear, the Cloud, and God (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Dan McNamara-Jersey City, NJ
Bush Cooking (Educational Cooking Show)
Created by: Christopher Cannucciari-New York, NY
Captain Coulier (Space Explorer) (Sci-Fi Spoof Comedy)
Created by: Lyndon Casey-Toronto, ON, Canada
Cooking With Werner (Comedy/Mockumentary)
Created by: John Webb, William Maier, and Garth Mueller -Los Angeles, CA
Copy & Pastry (Comedy)
Created by: Tory Stanton and Scott McCabe-Berkeley, CA
Craig & The Werewolf (Comedy)
Created by: Brett Register-Sherman Oaks, CA
Four Angry Men (Animated Adventure Comedy)
Created by: The Maxwell Brothers-Chicago, IL
Gelber and Manning in Pictures (Dramedy)
Created by: Jesse Gelber, James Lester, and Kate Manning-Brooklyn, NY
Gentrification (Dramedy)
Created by: Nipper Knapp-Los Angeles, CA
Greg & Donny (Comedy)
Created by: Matt Yeager and Jeff Skowron-New York, NY
A Guy and His Beaver (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Stephen Leonard-Los Angeles, CA
H the Great (Dramedy)
Created by: Jay Rogers-New York, NY
Hello, Dum Dum (Comedy)
Created by: Landline TV and M.A.D.-New York, NY
The Horrible Terrible Misadventures of David Atkins(Comedy)
Created by: David Atkins, Brian Lindstrom, and Andy Brown-Los Angeles, CA
I Confess (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Andy Haskins, Paul Kozlowski, and Ann Sloan-Burbank, CA
Illuminati Brothers (Adventure Comedy)
Created by: Matt Fisher, Alden Ford, and Justin Tyler-Brooklyn, NY
It’s All Elementary (Animated Comedy)
Created by: J Kyle Manzay-Brooklyn, NY
Jack in a Box (Comedy)
Created by: Michael Cyril Creighton and Marcie Hume-New York, NY
Max The Hero (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Mike Salva-Nashville, TN
My Mans (Sketch Comedy)
Created by: Andy Miara, Mark Raterman, and Tim Robinson-Chicago, IL
Octane Pistols of Fury (Comedy)
Created by: Chris Prine and Greg Stees-Brooklyn, NY
Off Campus (Comedy)
Created by: Brian Frager and Alex Pearlstone-Los Angeles, CA
University of California, Los Angeles (Student Produced)
Owl’s Ghetto Television (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Richard Graham and Adam Lake-Arlington, TX
Patrick and Molly and all the small things… (Comedy)
Created by: John Brookbank-Los Angeles, CA
Permanent Stakeout (Comedy)
Created by: Dan Redmond-Sherman Oaks, CA
Pioneer One (Drama)
Created by: Josh Bernhard-New York, NY
Pointless (Comedy Variety)
Created by: Ethan T. Berlin and Eric Bryant-New York, NY
Rising Above (Drama)
Created by: Allison Del Franco and Kirsten Moore-Orange, CA
Chapman University (Student Produced)
Rolling (Comedy)
Created by: Justin Dec and Carlos Vega-Miami, FL
SOLO (Sci-Fi Comedy)
Created by: Jonathan Nail-Sherman Oaks, CA
the_source (Sci-Fi Drama)
Created by: Marc D’Agostino-Philadelphia, PA
The Stalkers (Comedy)
Created by: Janine DiTullio and Kelly Kimball-New York, NY
Sugar Babies (Comedy)
Created by: Eric Pearson and Ryan Judd-Los Angeles, CA
Til Death Do Us Parts (Reality Drama)
Created by: Frank Mosca, Joe Ferra, John Morena, and Stephen Franciosa-Bronx, NY
Training Day (Reality Sports Show)
Created by: Flo Vinger-Los Angeles, CA
Wunderkrafthaus (Comedy)
Created by: Patrick Groneman, Derek Muro, and Doug Olsen-Brooklyn, NY