InceptionMost box office watchers could have told you months ago that Inception, the sci-fi thriller from The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan would open strong this weekend. And had the Senate not shot down the Film Futures trading market idea, there would have been a nice spike in Inception’s ticker after a strong $3 million midnight opening last night.

But being the web video junkies that we are, we couldn’t help but come across some of the Inception spoofs that have already popped up online. There will no doubt be more, and we’re still hoping for a Fine Brothers adaptation, but until then, this is what’s out there. (For reference, the official trailer is embedded above.)

Spoof #1: Conception

Spoof #2: The Inception of Haruhi Suzumiya

Spoof #3: Obssesion

Spoof #4: Josh Mattingly Parody

Spoof #5: Inception, Avatar Style

BONUS – Spoof #6: Incepción (Electric Spoofaloo)

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