We all know the dating game can get pretty rough: the anxiety, the awkwardness, the frustrations—which probably could be manageable if it weren’t for the constant ticking of our biological clocks reminding us that time is running out. Now imagine just getting out of a marriage and being set back a decade and a half. Such are the challenges of recently-divorced historical romance writer Samantha Collins as she goes on bad date after bad date searching for her “middle-aged Mr. Right” in the upcoming four-episode musical comedy web series Dating In the Middle Ages.

Starring Devin Mills, who founded the independent minority-owned Rogue Cowgirl Productions to create funny, witty, entertaining  content for women, Dating In The Middle Ages “laughs at the trials and tribulations of searching for Mr. Right through a series of very wrong dates.” Produced in association with director Chris Ekstein of Market Street Productions, Dating In The Middle Ages features wildly-imagined original musical numbers, zany medieval costumes, and, yes, puppets—think Fraggle Rock meets the movie Nine on a blind date at a Ren Faire. Well I guess I just described Labyrinth, huh. Dating In The Middle Ages is scheduled to launch Summer 2010.

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