Web series and online video news worth clicking today:

Reinvent the Wheels - ScionScion’s branded reality web series Reinvent the Wheels wrapped up its 6-episode season with Anthony Valadez, a DJ for LA-based KCRW taking top honors—along with $30,000 and a brand new Scion. [Reinvent the Wheels]

The New York Television Festival is making a road trip out to Los Angeles next week, holding a few info sessions and panels to introduce independent television and web series creators to the 6 year-old festival. On the lineup: Meet-and-Greet with festival staff on Monday May 10, a session on the FOX/NYTVF Screenwriting competition on May 11 and an alumni gathering on May 12. [NYTVF]

In a joint report out today from Brightcove and TubeMogul, their findings show that Broadcast TV web sites are showing the most online video viewership growth outside of YouTube last month. Web-only media brands (think Gawker, VBS) are close behind, and could actually surpass the Broadcast TV sites later this year. It’s the newspaper site that are having the most trouble getting their online readers to actually watch videos. For every 2 billion videos uploaded to those sites, only 136 million get viewed (6.8 percent), according the the report. (Read the full report embedded below.) [TechCrunch]

1Q10 Online Video report

The Washington Post is trying something new with its hundreds of reporters, perhaps in response to rival New York Times’ new TimesCast web series. The paper is asking its reporters to host live interactive video news reports at their desks on their webcams, First up if financial writer Frank Ahrens. Of course given the recent TubeMogul/Brightcove report above, it’s likely the newspaper site will have its hands full getting readers to actually watch these unpolished reports. [Beet TV, Cynopsis]

DICE, a new noir drama from director Eric Meeks launched this week, bringing to mind last year’s dark dramas Fall of Kaden and Compulsions, and even a little Bannen Way. “A small time con man, Dice, owes too much money and has to little time to pay. He finds himself pushed to extremes to come up with the cash from home invasion to playing with his life.” Check out the first episode below, we’ll have a more complete review of the series after a few more episodes. [DiceNoir.com]

Longtime Tubefilter News reader Zell Carter and friends completed their first game-to-live-action short, based off of the popular Capcom franchise: Street Fighter. Dubbed “Street Fighter: Beginnings End,” the $400 video (below) shot with the Canon 7D shows their take on Ken and Ryu at their dojo before Ryu enters the World Warrior Tournament for the first time—Street Fight 1 style! [YouTube]

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