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The Bannen Way billboard

Sony is proud of its Streamy-winning action hit The Bannen Way, giving it a prime billboard spot on the walls of the Sony lot in Culver City. The billboard (above) is smack in between ones for NBC’s Community and FOX’s Dr. Oz, all of which are produced by Sony Pictures Television. Could this be a sign that Sony execs are getting more bullish on web originals? Is this a broader web series trend? [Crackle on Facebook]

comScore’s latest online video report is out, and the headline number is 31.2 Billion videos were watched by US internet users in March of 2010. That number is up from 28.1 billion just a month before, which for the number lovers, is an 11% increase. And in another ever increasing statistic, the duration of the average online video watched was 4.3 minutes, again likely due to Hulu’s longer-form TV content. The average Hulu viewer watched 26.7 videos, totaling 2.6 hours of video per viewer, according to the report. [comScore]

GOOD Magazine’s new series Health Myths Debunked takes on pregnancy and some of its more popular myths. You know how some people say expecting mothers shouldn’t eat sushi? That concern has nothing to do with mercury. And it isn’t true anyway. Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz helps GOOD debunk health myths about maternal care. [GOOD]

Tubefilter News’ Pass the Mustard critic Ned Hepburn might be known for slinging his witticisms a unsuspecting web series, but now readers can sling them right back at Ned: the creator. We happened to stumble upon a web series that Ned co-created (with Andrew Dalton and Eric Martin) called Travelin’, a loose stream-of-absurd-consciousness “travel” web show with its own Tumblr going. Our favorite travel stop: Hoboken. (see below) [Travelin]

Seth & Avi Show is back online, after its distributor iKlipz went under throwing into question the future of the buddy comedy series. Co-creator Seth Menachem commented: “And although IKlipz went out of business and Avi and I stopped getting money to shoot our web series, we went ahead and shot an episode without them. Enjoy it. And unlike some other things I’ve made, this one should be pretty unoffensive to all.” The latest episode “Double Date” (below) was shot on the Canon 7D. [YouTube]

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