Marty and Dougs New Religion - web series

It’s always a risk when you take on a subject as sensitive as religion. Especially when you are tackling it in a comedy. It’s an extremely fine line and it’s difficult to navigate. It helps if you create your own religion called Badasstianity (or Awesomism, depending on who is talking) that believes the afterlife is “The Magic Kingdom mixed with The Playboy Mansion mixed with Candyland mixed with Six Flags with a hint of Thunderdome from Mad Max”. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

Marty and Doug’s New Religion is a six-part web series that explores what happens when two slackers decide to form a religion for their own selfish purposes, piss off Jesus and the church across the street, and ultimately realize how much power can corrupt.

The series has a real attention to adding extra light-hearted details that shows itself in some clever production-design nuggets. You and your friends can have fun looking for the following items in the series!

–Billy Dee Will-yums Cereal
–Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes Pepper Spray
–An issue of Panty Town: Fall Preview
–Vegi-Sil Kathy Bates’ Red Tomato Juice (also from Vegi-Sil: Ernst Borgnine Carrot Juice…it’s randomly delicious!)
–a hand-crafted Rue McClanahan t-shirt

For all of its ridiculousness, which extends from the 80s-esque, poppy opening theme (complete with naked animated angel versions of the two main characters), to Jesus and his clearly fake beard, the show still manages to extend a sober message: sometimes friendship is more important than making up a religion to get you laid.

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