Earth DayEarth Day is officially 40 years old today. It’s one of the few globally observed holidays with Earth Day celebrations now in almost every country on earth. The problem is, like most non-religious holidays they come and go so quickly. They are often stuck within the hustle of the busy workweek that most people don’t get to stop what they’re doing long enough to take to actually shift focus into what the day is all about. Today, it’s about reflecting on the impact our lives as modern humans are having on the global environment and what we can do to change the course we are on.

This is where web series can help us all out here. Web series are by their very nature recurring experiences. You watch an episode or installment and then return later to watch another. If you take the effort to follow a series—there are many ways to do this now—the creators usually do a decent job of reminding you when a new episode is out. So to help fit a healthy dose of the environment into our increasingly crowded media consumption schedule, we decided to pull together five web series that embrace the principles of Earth Day—awareness of global environmental issues and ideas for practical change—on a regular basis. Check them out below and be sure to follow the ones you like.

1. Harmony (from GOOD Magazine)

2. Organic Nation (from Dorothee Royal and Mark Andrew Boyer of

3. Eco Heroes (hosted by Majora Carter on

4. Toxic (from

5. Shift Logic (from creator Damien Somerset)

Know of other green web series you like out there? Let us know in the comments.

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