‘PINK’ Goes International with Fireworks

By 03/23/2010
‘PINK’ Goes International with Fireworks

PINK - web series

In excellent news towards the effort to find favorable and economically rewarding ways to distribute web series internationally, Generate announced today that it inked a deal with Fireworks International, the television and digital distribution arm of ContentFilm plc, to distribute internationally last year’s inaugural Streamy for Best Director for a Dramatic Web Series winner, PINK. Created in 2007 by Mike Maden and Blake Calhoun, over its first three seasons, Pink has garnered a collective ten million views in the U.S. with runs on Hulu, TheWB.com, YouTube, Vuze and others.

“The international market has always presented meaningful opportunities for distributing and monetizing high-quality, story-driven content, regardless of whether originally-produced for film, television or broadband,” said Jordan Levin, CEO of Generate, in a press release. “We continue to admire the approach Fireworks is taking in growing domestic digital properties globally, and we look forward to international audiences discovering and embracing PINK with the same loyalty and passion as they have in the U.S.”

Fireworks International is the same distribution company that acquired the rights to Canadian Steampunk adverture series Riese but unlike that deal, Fireworks is not requiring Generate to remove PINK from any existing Web channels.

Co-creator of PINK, Blake Calhoun, wrapped shooting on the sci-fi web series Continuum 2 weeks ago and it is due out this summer.