CO-OP LiveThere’s a little bit of name collision here—which wouldn’t be a first for web series (see: Roommates and Roommates)—but take note that Revision3’s new live streaming show CO-OP Live is in fact different than’s COIN-OP TV Live. The news here is pretty significant for growing online network Revision3, as it is adding their first ever live streaming web series to its lineup.

The hosted gaming culture show, from the creators of the 10-season stalwart The 1Up Show, kicked off as a standard weekly series back in early March of last year on the network, before Revision3 decided it would be a good test show for the live format. The first live episode of CO-OP Live will premiere today at 4:00 PM (PT), with taped version of the weekly show appearing online the following morning.

“Video games are the ultimate live experience,” said Revision3’s CEO Jim Louderback. “We’re excited to bring the best video game show on the planet, CO-OP, to the world live. I can’t think of a better way to discover the best new games, and to hang out with the coolest gamers on the planet each week!”

The six-man hosting team of Jason Bertrand, Rob Bowen, Matt Chandronait, Ryan O’Donnell, Jay Frechette and Cesar Quintero and have a full explanation of what to expect on their production company blog at

For our first show (SPOILER), we’re going to have a special musical guest. After the first performance, we’re going to sit down with said guest and have a quick fan segment where you can ask him questions. He’ll do another song to play himself out and then we’ll come back to a full fan segment where everything is fair game. Just don’t ask Ryan to dance. Ryan doesn’t dance. Unless he’s drunk. Then he dances AWESOME. If you’re not already, follow @COOP_live on Twitter. You don’t really have to follow our show Twitter to participate, though. Just use @COOP_live anywhere in your Twitter post and we’ll see it! Our hope is that Twitter will be easier to manage than a chat room and that since we can control the flow on the page we won’t have to worry about stuff scrolling off the page before we get a chance to read it. Be patient with us, though, as there was no way to test this part of the show beforehand to any real capacity and it’s going to take us some time to get it running all swimmingly. All question and comments are welcome, but lame ones will be ignored.

From a technical standpoint, Revision3 opted to go with their own custom live player for streaming, rather than an off-the-shelf option from video platforms like Ooyala, Episodic or Brightcove. Handling bandwidth needs is their network-wide CDN, BitGravity. At this point no other live web shows have been announced for the network.

For good measure, and to further confuse you, we give you an taste of video gaming series COIN-OP TV Live:

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