Revision3 is trying to branch out from its tech-heavy roots.

The self-proclaimed “leading television network for the internet generation” was built on a solid foundation of techno-geekery, architected by Digg co-founder, Kevin Rose and TechTV and PC Magazine alum, Jim Louderback. Shows like Tekzilla and Diggnation speak to the online network’s core of savvy, connected fanboys and have built up a sizable following, but Revision3 is always looking to expand into other verticals comprised of niche, impassioned communities.

Enter the latest web series on Revision3’s programming slate, AnimeTV. Hosted by former Black Power RangerJohnny Young Bosch and Cristina Vee (both of whom are established anime voice actors) the show covers the world of “anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture.” In each episode, a handful of well-manicured, twentysomething Nipponophiles explain and debate the merits and demerits of recent anime and magna offerings, as well as interview movers and shakers within the industry.

I’m a big fan of cosplay, but knowing that term is about the extent of my anime-related knowledge. AnimeTV could be a great starting point for people like me looking to get more involved in the genre. But it’s essentially geared towards Otaku and those that don’t need Wikipedia to figure out what Otaku means.

The first season of AnimeTV was released independently via Vimeo earlier this year. Revision3 picked it up for its second season and will be releasing new episodes every Thursday.

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