Let's Play Can You Spot the Brand, Target: 'Moochie'

By 12/07/2009
Let's Play Can You Spot the Brand, Target: 'Moochie'

MoochieTime for a little Monday afternoon web series game time… The name of the game is “Spot the Brand in This Web Series.” This sort of subtly branded web series come of the ad agencies from time to time, cleverly void of any sponsor pre-rolls or display ads from their reticent backers. Some hit, some miss—like Proctor & Gamble’s not-so-viral Zack series for Tampax from earlier this summer.

The target this time is Moochie, a six-episode comedy web series from earlier this fall. The setup of this series is pretty standard—three underachieving 20-something guys living together—though they do have a lazy talking hamster named Moochie.

We’ll leave out the name of the ad agency (that would be too easy), but we will say that director Matt Lenski helmed the series with the help of editor Heidi Black and musician Dan Deacon. Views haven’t exactly been through the roof on the series on YouTube, though it did get pushed out through Xbox, Yahoo, Vimeo and VideoEgg as well. See if you can spot the brand and product in this series.

Know the brand backing this one? Leave a comment below. And no cheating. We’re looking for the brand and the specific product it is promoting. (We might have a prize for you.)