LandlineTVRevision3 continued is aggressive addition of shows today with the re-launch of LandlineTV, bringing the popular YouTube partners over to its online network. The Brooklyn-based sketch comedy series was one of YouTube’s higher quality productions, often hitting topical subjects live blockbusters, TV shows, and sports with their signature satire. The group’s most popular video—Transformers 2: CGI Megan Fox Even Hotter This Time—racked up over 5.3 million views on YouTube earlier this summer.

Paul Briganti, Saj Pothiawala and Jared Neumark make up the core group of LandlineTV, all of which were able to quit their various day jobs to work on the show full time. A few months back the group was creating comedy ads for Regus shared office space that ended up shown in the back seat TV screens of NYC taxicabs and local movie theaters. Luckily enough, a Rev3 intern spotted one of those Regus ads and share them with the office, which led to them signing on with the SF-based network.

For cast, the group has tapped the deep pool of comedy talent from New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) classes. Their latest spoof, a look at Avatar director James Cameron’s crack-like addiction to special effects (above) features—Tim Martin, Charlie Todd, Michael Dubin, Jonathan Fernandez, Jill Donnelly, Jared Neumark, Ben Rodgers and Mike Antonucci.

Like most Revision3 series, new episodes will be out every week. Though it is an exclusive deal with the network, they are still using LandlineTV’s established YouTube channel to push out new episodes, all of which will carry Revision3’s sponsor messaging with them. For now it looks like Revision3 sponsor Gamefly is the chosen one for the first run.

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