Community College ChroniclesFor fans of Community, NBC has created a virtual community college that won’t make you go to class or give you bad grades. The mock campus website, complete with an Admission page (you are already accepted) Administration and Faculty, Campus Connect, and the AV Department is full of facts a fun about this comedy that features: Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, and Ken Jeong.

While Jeff played by Joel McHale is the cool man on campus, his friend Abed played by Danny Pudi is the quintissential AV Club kind of guy. Scene after scene, Abed shares encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and films. Abed’s pathalogic obsession with movies, steers him to the film department. In this week’s episode, the other characters on “Community” discover that Abed is copying their life and turning in into student films. Glimpses of these films, which include The Guild’s Sandeep Parikh playing Pudi’s Abed character, can be seen in the show, but the whole masterpiece can be viewed on fictional Greendale Community College website on the AV Department page.

In Abed’s Community College Chronicles, he casts fellow Greendale Community College students. The ridiculous scenes are poorly acted and that’s the fun of it. The first episode is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. More college humor? We think so. Add some goofy credits (Abed doesn’t even bother to changes his friends’ names) and more Ryan Seacrest/ E! News jokes and Abed’s student films earn him an A in zany.

Last week Tubefilter went back to college on the set of Community. We saw the sets and met the cast. Many of the extras are really community college students. It’s fun to watch the first episode of Community College Chronicles and see how a network is embracing web series to expand the world of their new show. “Community College Chronicles” give fans more to watch and hopefully will help this funny new network show connect with their audience through the web series.The cast of the web series, with their over the top antics and textbook portrayal of some really bad college acting, is bound to find some fans of their own. After all at this point between Community, The Soup, and being cast in films like The Informant, Joel McHale has almost as many jobs as his favorite tiny and very busy friend Ryan Seacrest.

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