The Third Age - web seriesWith such a vast array of genres for the web creator to tackle, it is always refreshing when a creator dives head-first as far away from the box as possible when developing their series. Its the type of risk-taking that is often viewed as essential for hitting the niche markets that can potentially make your series successful.

The upcoming series The Third Age is definitely stylistically very different than almost anything out there right now. Billed as “a magical realist web series, a psychedelic remix of classic mythology, telling the story of ordinary people caught up in an eternal war between gods”, the visuals are heady, the cinematography exploratory, and the performances experimental. For those ready to open their minds and take the time to let it all sink in without the need to be overly critical, this series will be an experience rather then a casual entertainment process.

The story centers around a pharmaceutical developer and a drug dealer, each being sent on a different path due to mysterious circumstances. After having the chance to pre-screen the first seven episodes, the story progresses slowly with a large portion of the story being moved forward by trippy and colorful sequences overlaid with a mind-teasing soundtrack. If you want fast-paced, this won’t be for you. If you want an acid trip in web video form…curl up, turn down the lights, and enjoy.

Describing The Third Age as “changing the parameters of what’s possible in the “webisode” format”, series producer Respect! Films has put some big expectations out there for the series. A lot of that comes from the amount of time and energy has been poured into the show. According to series producer Amber Yoder, “we’ve been in production with The Third Age for quite some time – nearly two years now! But that is largely because our small budget demands it. We shoot on weekends or whenever our actors are available. Scheduling can be a bit tricky, especially when we all have to balance our creative endeavors like The Third Age with paid gigs and day jobs. ”

One of those “day jobs” would be Respect! Films involvement with ESPN’s series NFL Writer’s Room. “We’ve shot and edited all of the episodes so far, and plan on continuing with the series through the season”, said Yoder. “We’re really excited about the attention its getting, and its always a pretty fun environment on set.”

The Third Age has 2 seasons lined up, with 13 episodes each. The first episode will premiere on November 17th on and will air weekly.

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