FredA little off topic, but the concept of a whole 90-minute feature of Fred Figglehorn in the works is still sinking in. That, and apparently it was quite the hot topic lately. For those that missed it, we broke the news last month that there is in fact a Fred movie in the works starring none other than Lucas Cruikshank as the titular high-pitched YouTube star.

According to the latest casting notices, Cruikshank is indeed attached, though the rest of the roles appear to be wide open. With shooting beginning November 20, they are looking to lock these up soon. For some reason they are looking for “cameo names only” to play Fred’s father. We’re thinking Jim Carrey.

[FRED’S DAD] Fred’s father, he’s a wildly eccentric character who encourages his son to follow his bliss and go after the girl of his dreams. Seemingly unfazed by his nightmarish marriage to a real mess of a woman, he’s relentlessly upbeat at all times…LEAD (11) Please submit cameo names only.

They are also casting a 6 year-old version of Fred, which already is making us shutter. Wait, isn’t Fred already a fictional 6-year old? Anyway it looks like he doesn’t actually have any lines, as that would probably break the speakers.

[6 YEAR OLD FRED] This 6 year old boy is Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) seen in flashback. Little Fred is playing with his pal, Evan, when Evan disappears into the woods without a trace, at which point the terrified Fred wets himself in fear…no lines, 1 scene (32)

This is no doubt a gamble for the six-figure earning teen star who may be close to jumping the YouTube shark. So the fate of this pain inducing character is now in the hands of director Clay Weiner, (aka mittymoo). The storyline listed reads like Road Trip— “When his dream girl, Judy, moves away, young Fred embarks on a quest in search of the girl he adores. It’s a hallucinatory adventure that puts Fred smack dab in the middle of one surreal escapade after another…”

Some fans have even whipped up some mock trailers:

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