Parents AskWho knew that the debate of circumcision was so hot right now? Seriously, this is apparently a hot button issue amongst new parents and parents-to-be. So what better topic to tackle in the launch of DECA’s newest original web series, Parents Ask (above).

DECA is fast becoming to parenting what Revision3 is to gamers and techies, building up a stable of original web series around an super-focused audience. Their Target-sponsored hit Momversation recently rolled out its 100th episode and Daphne Brogdon’s Cool Mom is still going strong. Sure, they also rock World of Warcraft slugfest Project Lore and Boing Boing, but in terms of new properties it’s all about the parents.

“We know that parents are looking online for answers to the tough questions about raising their kids, so we set out to bring together a panel of the top experts in the country,” said DECA’s CEO Michael Wayne. “We created Parents Ask to directly connect parents with the most knowledgeable authorities on every parenting topic.”

Parents Ask - web seriesThe panel of experts assembled for the weekly web series and site are the leading pop experts in the parenting space—including pediatricians, authors, and psychologists. Also notable is that most of this group rock some clever titles to their books like “Eat, Sleep, Poop” author Scott Cohen, MD, FAAP, “Anxiety Free Kids” author Bonnie Zucker, Psy.D, “Mommy Calls” author Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, FAAP and Elizabeth Pantley, author of “The No-Cry Sleep Solution.”

“I became a pediatrician to help kids and families,” said Dr. Bob Sears one of the Parents Ask panelists. “Parents Ask provides an amazing platform for me; it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with moms and dads that I wouldn’t normally get to meet through my practice.”

The site itself is pretty well built out, not unlike Momversation’s site with actual parents, largely women it appears, participating in the discussion around the episode topics. There’s also a fairly active Q&A section where any parent can ask for some advice and get a host of thought out answers from the community and the experts themselves. As of now, the series is without a lead sponsor, though we’re pretty certain that’s going to change soon.

Random observation: anyone else think the opening titles look like a Twitter show? And getting back to this circumcision debate, Momversation went after this same topic a few months back (see below), and it stands as the show’s most popular episode. So far neither side seems to have won out.

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