Elon Musk First Up In 'Valley Girl' Premiere

By 08/31/2009
Elon Musk First Up In 'Valley Girl' Premiere

Elon Musk on The Valley Girl ShowProps to Elon Musk for stepping up as guinea pig number one on the new season of The Valley Girl Show which premiered today. Ok, maybe it’s not so ballsy considering last season’s guests, but for the founder of both electric car darling Tesla and rocket maker SpaceX, you have to think he’s turned down interviews from considerably more credible outlets.

Officially, the pitch line they are sporting is, “imagine if Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde had taken Silicon Valley instead of Harvard Law-and been brunette-and you have the Valley Girl.”

This smart girl playing dumb (or is it a smart girl playing a dumb-sounding smart girl?) has been tried before. There’s a earnest charm reminiscent of Kim Evey’s Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, though Draper’s Valley Girl character doesn’t commit as fully to the archetype. Nor does it play up the awkwardly comedic tension of Citizen Kate, which skillfully played the blonde girl interviewing top politicos on last year’s presidential campaign.

Instead, the interviews themselves turn out more useful and less of a gimmick. Draper poses the seemingly simple-minded questions to the over-qualified guests, but usually laughs along with them. This takes it closer to the Wallstrip and Mahalo Daily realm of lighthearted interviews, which are both also known for test drives of cool cars.

Interviews are divided up into two parts, and released as weekly episodes. For the launch, however, both parts of Elon Musk’s interview are posted. Upcoming guests include NFL star Ronnie Lott and billionaire VC Vinod Khosla.

For fun, we asked creator Jesse Draper for 4 words (and only 4) to describe the new season. Her answer: “Entertaining, Educational, Positive and PINK!” (There’s a lot of pink.)