ITVFestThe Official Selections of the 4th annual Independent Television Festival have been announced, completing the slate of indie web series along with OzGirl and Operation Midnight Climax that we teased out last week. Not surprisingly, the majority of the nine selections are Los Angeles based, but there are international selections hailing from France and Australia, and one series out of New York. Avid Tubefilter readers will notice a lot of familiar faces. Also noteworthy is that despite the abundance of comedy web series out there, nearly half the selections are dramatic. The festival takes place in Los Angeles from July 31st to August 6th.

Official 2009 Web Series Selections:


Los Angeles-based producers Jessica BertulisKamali Minter and Helen Truong present this interactive viral and webisode series abouta techno-geek who embarks on a quest to change the future when he intercepts a series of internet transmissions from the future warning the impending apocalypse. The series stars Kevin HeldJared AsatoBrit MarlingNeal Xingu RodlRon C. Patric.

The Clean-Up Crew

The Clean-Up CrewLast summer we discovered this USC film school graduate thesis from writers Tim DraggaScott Rickles about the misfit crew at Frank’s Crime Scene Steam-N-Clean and the hilarious and gruesome world of crime scene cleaning, where “death means dollars.” The series stars Dale Midkiff, Richard Riehle, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Tuione, Chrissy Anderson, Travis Willingham, and Jessica McClendon, and is produced by Tim Kolesk and Tarika Khan.

Imaginary Bitches

Imaginary BitchesAndrew Miller‘s inventive comedy starring Eden Riegel about a single woman who deals with the lonely reality that all her friends are busy with serious relationships by creating imaginary friends—who unfortunately turn out to be total bitches caught our eye a year ago as it emerged from the 100-day WGA Strike. The series also stars Elizabeth HendricksonBrooke NevinConnie Fletcher StatonJessalyn Gilsig, Greg RikaartChandra WestMichael TraynorJames KeeAaron StatonBrittany IshibashiSam Page, Billy Aaron Brown, and Charlie Koznick, is written by Andrew Miller with Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price, and produced by Seth Adam Cohen and Judson Morgan.

Johnny B Homeless

Johhny B HomelessNew York-based producer-actor Al Thompson presents the story of a professional couch surfer (in fact not homeless but rather just constantly stays away from home to give his girlfriend some space) who has the uncanny ability to help those he comes in contact with and whose couch he crashes on. The series, produced by Kahler R. Hart, Jennifer Westin, and Geoffrey Quan, also stars Kenan Thompson and Kevin Christy, is written by Sherman Payne and Christian Magalhaes and directed by Greg Stees and David Spates.

The Lone Wolf

The Lone WolfWe traced this web series from Johnny Borda as it launched out of Los Angeles’ Channel 101 community into a Clearwire deal this past October. The comedy series follows a Hollywood stuntman who loses his memory when the perfect stunt goes wrong and who must embark on a tireless quest through the great Los Angeles area in search for his own identity. The series stars Matt Peters, Bennie Arthur, and Chad Fogland, is directed by Oren Kaplan.

Operation Midnight Climax

Operation Midnight ClimaxThis stylized drama from producers Ramesh Thadani, Juan Reynoso, Zach Jordan and Glenn Sauber explores the CIA LSD experiments conducted in San Francisco brothels during the 1950s. The series stars Meredith SalengerTodd CahoonQuinton Flynn and Stephanie Lemelin. Read our recent coverage for more details.


OzGirlWe’ve had our eye on now nineteen year-old Aussie director Nicholas Carlton since the debut of Austrailia’s first lonelygirl-esque social web show back in November. The series stars Sophie TilsonShanrah Wakefield and Richard Askin and is executive produced by Darryl Carlton. Catch our recent coverage about OzGirl‘s DVD launch.

Psycho Bob

Psycho BobThe AV Club‘s Andrew Cochrane has developed an experimental “Sunday comic strip” storytelling technique for this series about the adventures of a psychopath named Bob. The series stars Sean Bury, Marie Lively, Nick Clark, Jesse Jones, Nick Armstrong, Evan Gaustad, Douglas Sarine, Mary Pat Farrell, James Applebury, Mark Rogers, Matt Wyatt, Phil King, Kevin Ford, Jillian Batherson, and is produced by Craig Bauer.

Urban Wolf

Urban WolfThis mystery web series from Paris-based director Laurent Touil Tartour follows an American tourist in Paris who is pursued and terrorized by a malevolent security camera operator. The series stars Vincent Sze and is executive produced by production company Napoléon Première.

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