black-lady-dior-bag2I will not deny it. I love Marion Cotillard. Being a woman I won’t deny my natural impulses to fall for pretty things in general, which makes me dig the new stylish 4-part Dior web series Lady Dior. Filmmaker Olivier Dahan helms the project making Academy Award winner Cotillard as stylish as ever. But, it’s no secret the real star of the series is Dior’s new handbag, the Lady Dior. “Eryn Brown”

While Dahan can create pretty visuals in the noir tradition, and Cotillard can look fabulous in Dior clothing while celebrating a handbag ala a Price is Right hand model, it is hard to deny an ad agency and some Dior executive are behind this Dior-iffic journey. While Lady Dior is entertaining there is little meat to bite into, and little story to hold onto. Eye candy is always fun for awhile but if Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t have bad luck on the dating scene, we likely wouldn’t have cared as much about what she was wearing.

That doesn’t mean one can’t have a guilty pleasure, tuning in to watch fabulous-looking people wearing fabulous-looking clothes is nice escapist-fantasy in the middle of a recession. Not many people on earth can look as glamorous or as elegant scaling the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, nor can many web series have such access and budget to blow just to make a handbag look so darn sexy.

diorMeanwhile, the producers of this high-budget handbag hijinks series have wisely uploaded to YouTube, freeing viewers from its unembeddable player when even any warm-blooded male like to pass along a lady in strappy heals, donning smoking eyes, and of course, a purse to die for—Lady Dior is undeniably capitalism at both it’s best and worst; but in this dour economic situation, I’ll take solace in the fact high end merchants want to dive into the web series world with well-funded content, even if their biggest star has to outshine an Oscar winner. (Also see Chanel’s use of french star Audrey Tatou in its Chanel No. 5: Le Film)

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