Weekend Watching: 5 Web Series Launches Worth A Look

By 06/20/2009
Weekend Watching: 5 Web Series Launches Worth A Look

We’re not sure what you do with your Saturdays, and frankly we don’t want to know. But at Tubefilter it means time to catch up on web series we fell behind on. (Yes, we do watch everything you send us.) This week we’re taking a look at five new web series that launched during the past week. And is it just us, or is  summer becoming the web series busy season? Busy little interwebs…


From creator-star Kaily Smith, this dating comedy proves that even the uber-rich can strike out at love. Faced with losing her trust fund if she doesn’t find a man, Merri calls in all the help she can find to match her up. And for fun, throw in Tom Arnold as her borderline psychotic and ruthless billionaire father, some pool furniture friends and a whole host of celeb guest stars like Tony Hale, Ryan Eggold (90210) and David Weidoff (who also wrote the series).

Cell: Full Dose

Crackle was busy with its new season roll-out (they run four seasons a year) and lost in the porn star Mommy XXX launch hoopla was an action sleeper called Cell: Full Dose which gets into the Columbian underground fighting scene.  Ok, even though the name sounds a bit like a straight-to-DVD 4th-installment of a blockbuster, this one’s worth a look. It is in fact the sequel to last summer’s Cell, also from Endemol UK and Pure Grass Films (both created Kirill). This time, they knocked out all 13-episodes in one release so be careful, this could keep you in tonight.

Solly’s Wisdom

Creator-star Gregg Brown along with E. Paul Edwards and Patrick Stack whipped up this deceitfully racy new web series for Strike.TV. Solly (Brown) is a dispute resolution mediator for the city of Los Angeles faced with a revolving door of wackos, closeted-wackos, and the kind of twisted colorful people that make this city so delightful. Guest stars like Seinfeld‘s Brian George and Henry Sanders bring those well-penned gems to life.

All Stars

Also new from Crackle this week is jock-fave Owen Benjamin‘s new series All Stars, which takes his sports satire into the corporate softball leagues. Fresh off his March Madness stint with CBS Interactive’s Heckle U, this series is all Benjamin, as he both directed and wrote the series along with fellow Gaytown buddy Jess Shapiro. Brought along for the bro-fest are comedian Brody Stevens (The Hangover) and, why not, Heckle-U co-star Chris Wylde. Just goes to show that web series stars love keeping it in the family.

Big Bother

This scrappy indie series from creator Justin Marchert plays the faux-reality game in dress-up. It’s like Big Brother with a furry fetish. Plenty of notable characters thrown together for some unsanctioned drama – Pooh, Shrek, Cookie Monster, Darth Vader, Hello Kitty and friends. It’s a six-week series that will agressively ween down the 16 contestants each week until there’s just one standing.  Our money’s on Vader.