WhorifiedYou know that web television has made it when they beat the Bravo to the punch on a new reality show.

On second thought, when that new reality show is AcuteTV’s Whorified! The Search for America’s Next Top Whore, Bravo probably passed on it a year ago. Creators Ann Marie Lindbloom and Jeff Venables arrived on the web series scene last year with Two Peas in Your Pod, which Forbes Magazine called one of the Top 15 indie series on Veoh.

Whorified! is a tongue-in-cheek reality show that adopts the conventions found in reality TV stapes like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and Top Chef for a new show based around, well, the world’s oldest profession. The promo was posted about a year ago – looks like this show has been a long time in coming before its premiere on May 1st, setting the stage for drama, pitting businesswomen, housewives, and ladies from all walks of life together to compete for a shot at the title of Top Whore.

Whorified on PeopleWhorified! is an edgy send-up of reality T.V.,” said Lindbloom in a recent interview. “You call it train-wreck T.V. because you can’t look away. You get horrified and that is how we gave birth to this idea.”

Depending on where you fall on the taste spectrum, you’ll find the show – which appears to be a bunch of trashy jokes about prostitutes, pimps, and sex work wrapped up in a reality TV-esque package – horribly offensive or hilariously offensive. I suppose it says something that I heard Bobby Lee of MADtv infamy was involved with Whorified! and was immediately relieved to discover that he is not, in fact, playing an Asian hooker – his Connie Chung act was enough woman for me, thanks – but rather one of the “celebrity johns” on the show.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley (zing!) then go ahead and check this one out. Currently they have ten episodes done, with new ones every Monday and Friday through the end of the month.

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