Joey and DavidIn case you’ve been dozing off lately on the web comedy scene, let me introduce you to the one of best comedy duos online, Joey Manderino and David Young, or simply Joey and David. Two best friends who started making online videos in high school, typical right? As cliché as it sounds they have turned out a promising career as web video producers and in the process have built an impressive resume.

Fresh out of college they needed a place to host their sketch comedy videos, so they launched, which quickly helped them to gain a following online. It’s been all up hill from there, they became repped by CAA, were named as part of Variety Magazine’s 10 Comics to Watch for in 2007, and just last week G4 covered them for their Kings Of Dot Comedy segment.

Ultimately their ridiculous comedic style paid off landing the pair a deal with Warner Brothers Studio 2.0. giving them an opportunity to produce several web series pilots. The first outcome of this was last summers Viralcom. They produced a pilot and Warner Brothers picked up the show for ten episodes. Viralcom suggest viral videos are produced by a studio, a great look at the ludicrousness of what is popular online. This is a series I have personally been cheerleading for, if you haven’t seen it go back and watch the ten episodes that features web celebs Dax Flame and Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain).

Joey and David have been in production for the last several months working on new pilots and the first to be released are The Temps (above), and Third Wheeling (below). The Temps follows Joey and David as struggling comedians entering the work force through a temp agency. “It’s a really ridiculous, absurd series. The idea of temps, could live anywhere, but the length at which we take it, is very Internet specific, you couldn’t do that on network TV. We definitely liked it as a platform to get really, really ridiculous” Young explains.

Third WheelingThird Wheeling was released earlier this week, this time Joey and David are moving in together, with their girlfriends but when Joey’s girlfriend breaks up with him, he’s left tagging along. This pilot has a very different feeling then the rest of their body of work. It has a charming comedic presence to it, and seems like something that could easily transfer to television, where a handful of online properties have been finding pay dirt.

Joey and David’s contract with Warner Brothers just ended, and now they are meeting with various companies to continue producing shows. Finding great talent online isn’t easy but finding two at this level is even harder. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two weren’t snatched up again soon.

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