MoCap LLCBelieve it or not, behind the bikini-clad warrior babe or the burly futuristic macho man you’re used to controlling in your favorite video game is actually a pale chubby dude in a blue suit covered in tennis balls.

Well, that’s not always true – complicated martial arts sequences or choreographed action shots sometimes require the best in the business. But when your game doesn’t require the best, then you call in MoCap, LLC – the “low rent motion capture company trying to get a foothold in the world of video games”. You know the random guy in Grand Theft Auto 4 who you nailed with a crowbar while you stole his car? That was probably Jeff.

MoCap LLC - web seriesThe show started off as a web series on YouTube about a year ago, as well as a supplementary Flash game called “MoCap Man: Men With Balls” developed by Worldwide Biggies, which has the dubious honor of making the first game based on The Princess Bride. In April, however, they announced that MoCap, LLC will be featured in a new ‘documentary’ series on Spike TV, which airs on Thursday, April 23rd, at midnight (technically April 24th, don’t get it confused!) and will continue for the next six weeks. If you’ve been following MoCap, LLC, you’ll be glad to know that these aren’t typical web series-length shows, either – with its six episodes, at a half hour each, equaling three hours of your favorite blue balls boys.

MoCap, LLC stars Chris DeLuca (also creator, writer, and co-executive producer), Jonathan Gabrus, Kara Klenk, and Lauren Turek as Frank Claxton, Jeff Reynolds, Claire Owens, and Kendall Clement, respectively – all of whom you can get to know better here. Go ahead and prepare for the Spike TV debut by catching up on the web series.

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