So there’s this comedian/actor out there named Nick Thune. You might have seen his bits before or maybe you caught his recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He’s got a pretty decent stand up act where he plays the guitar, sings, and jokes about quirky things he’s observed in life. In some ways he’s like Demetri Martin but more of a not so smart and brainy version. You can check out his blog here, it’s good stuff.

Anyways, Thune has a new Atom web series called Nick’s Big Show. In a similar vein to Michael Stahl-David’s Behind the Star, Big Show is a mockumentary that documents its star as he puts together an unbelievable, world-changing one-man show.

This show is going to be big. There will be no scripts (since it’s all good to go in his mind). And he needs to find a choreographer and an understudy. And he’s going to break from tradition here: no comedy. Nick promises that people will go into the show one person, leave another person, and then go out into the world and change other people’s lives. Epic.

There’s also a girl in the show named Kate Micucci. Right now most people are referring to her as that girl that played the ukulele in Scrubs. Which is awesome, because she did (play the ukulele in Scrubs), but it’s also kind of sad cause she’s so much more than that (i.e. the song she played in Scrubs, Screw You, is really a PG-13 version of a much funnier R version called F**k You, accompanied by Riki Lindhome in their excellent band, Garfunkel and Oates).

In Nick’s Big Show Micucci plays Nick’s assistant, biggest fan, and backbone.

Then there’s this guy, Nick Kroll. Nick Kroll is a man of many masks. Sometimes he’s Fabrice Fabrice an effeminate craft service coordinator, sometimes he’s Gil Faizon an overly anxious Jew in the Oh, Hello Show, or maybe he’s the artistic offspring of Hitler and Bob Ross in The Joy of Painting w/ Hitler. Sometimes he’s just himself though, doing stand up like he did not too long ago when he killed it on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In Nick’s Big Show, Kroll reprises his role from Layers, playing Nick’s manager, 2nd biggest fan, and legbone.

Additional cast and crew includes: AD Miles (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon), T.J. Miller (Cloverfield), Mike O’Connell, and Paul Scheer (Human Giant), and the series is directed by Luke and Jeremy Jackson (Highway 61).

Yeah, I know, how can a show with this cast of characters not kill it? Don’t worry, it does. Thune’s mockumentary must give props to Waiting for Guffman, but unlike other pretenders to the Christopher Guest crown, it expertly walks a comedic line navigating between absurd premise, a self-absorbed star, and enough action to keep the entertainment level positioned at least at 8, and sometimes bumping 11.

Check it out at Nick’s Big Show and see if Nick and this powerhouse crew can pull it off and really change the world for the better.

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