The Wonder Years was a special show set in a special time that showed us the life of one special boy, Kevin Arnold. The world was truly blessed to grow up with Kevin and his all American family as he innocently explored love, happiness, and puberty; his first kiss, nocturnal emissions, peer pressure, social awkwardness, confusion about homosexual feelings towards his best friend Paul and the like.

Unfortunately all things must come to an end, and the award winning show did just that in 1993. How we’ve all been coping since then, without the soothing sounds of Daniel Stern‘s narration I’ve no idea. But now, for the love all things pure and holy and Kevin and Winnie, we no longer have to.

Making Mistakes, the Wonder Year‘s spiritual successor has arrived and much joy and celebration can again be shared by all.

Of course in this web series, this time around things are a little different. Where The Wonder Years was set in the late 60’s and early 70’s during the Vietnam War, Making Mistakes takes place today during the Middle Eastern conflict. And Kevin? Well, lets just say he’s more a man of our times dealing with situations that may be considered more raw and dicey than his sweet and brown eyed counterpart from yesteryear.

In episode I, “Second Base,” Kevin, played by Jim Klimek, passes his drivers test and gets his license. Under great protest from his brother, Wayne (Dean Pelton), Kevin’s dad allows him take out the car to go see a movie.

But this isn’t 70’s Kevin, this is 2008’s Kevin, so what does he decide to do?  The gentle and innocent voice of Kevin, actual voice of Steve Agee (Sara Silverman Program), lovingly narrarating the series tells us: You always remember your first prostitute.  For me it was the nicotine stained hooker that walked the beat between between the 7-11 and the overgrown Griffon baseball diamond.

Kevin and Paul sure made some epic memories that day in back of Kevin’s dad’s car. Of course that nicotine stained hooker plays a lot bigger role in the series than the viewer may originally realize. Don’t worry, the surprise won’t be spoiled here. Let’s just say its more epic than greasily getting to second base with her in the back seat.

Kevin’s parents, played by Mike McCafferty and Whitney Avalon, are doing their best to raise two growing boys but they’ve by no means done it perfectly.  In Episode II Kevin gets a glimpse of mortality and asks his dad an important question. (Kevin: What would you do if mom died? Dad: Your mother isn’t going to die. Sometimes girls just bleed.)

Kevin’s mom also has a bit of a drinking problem which has lead to some pretty serious consequences.  She drank while pregnant with Kevin’s brother Wayne. The end of result of her drinking is that Wayne was FAS baby or in the dad’s words: retarded. However the whole family is able to laugh it off, even Wayne, after Cuba Gooding Jr’s role in Radio inspires all.

Making Mistakes, a Channel101 feature, is the retarded, beautiful, bouncing baby boy of creators/writers David Seger & Tom Kauffman. What can I say. The show is excellent. The acting is great, the writing is great, the soundtrack is great (episode I opens with D’yer Mak’er) and I am compelled to give it two snaps, a twist and, a kiss.

I know I’m gushing here but damnit they even have an adult film star named Amber Alert. It’s just so wrong in all the right ways.

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