Does anybody know what to make of Andy Dick? I mean, is he for real? The guy pops up everywhere (sometimes with this son?!?) and whenever I see him I laugh, but I can’t tell if it’s with him or at at him. If anything, dude’s probably laughing at me because, unless he invested with Madoff, he’s loaded, has his choice of assistants to help out with the day-to-day, and had the privilege of working with the late, great Phil Hartman on NewsRadio.

Sure, I can leave my living room without first alerting the authorities, but Dick is even making the most of his house arrest with a talk show filmed from somewhere inside the parameters of his SCRAM ankle bracelet‘s safety zone. House Arrest with Andy Dick is simple, brilliant (sort of, I guess) and just as big a disaster-in-waiting as you’d expect.

I have no clue what motivates folks who are into Hollywood gossip/shenanigans and/or reality TV, but I get the feeling that this might be right up their collective alley. Or, perhaps, this project is a big “Kiss my state-monitored ass” to the whole world of paparazzi, D-list celebrity, and LA vacuity. As to my “Is he serious?” Dick may have answered it in the premiere installment. (Hint: He isn’t.)

Not only is there hilarity to be found in faux-amateurish, high school AV-club production, House Arrest is also a vehicle for self-reflection! Mr. Dick forced me to confront the fact that I know who Joey Greco is. The host of Cheaters is in good spirits and it’s apparent he’s in on the joke as he gets almost zero quality camera time from a flustered, uncaring Dick.

I hope that Andy’s next houseguest, Mo Collins, was just as in on it as Mr. Greco, because, boy, the second episode sure was awkward! The MadTV alum sure appeared displeased with Andy’s goofballery. And his antics caused me to question yet again where or not this guy is for real. If there is one thing Andy Dick is good at (besides cheap, offensive opening jokes) it is sh*tting all over that fine line between genius and insanity.

The mock interview (mockerview?) is a balanced art that’s equal parts accusatory questioning, rabid indifference, mild chiding, and artificial interest. Zach Galifianakis, and especially Michael Showatler, are its seasoned, irreverent masters. Dick is on his way to becoming one.

A new episode of House Arrest with Andy Dick will air each of the remaining three days of this blessed Lenten week on Atom, with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Greg Grunberg and Jennifer Coolidge the scheduled guests. Stay tuned and see what could’ve been had Lorne Michaels made a different kind of very bad decision.

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