'S.W.I.P.E.' Trailer Hints at Madatoms' Silent Studio Backing

By 03/10/2009
'S.W.I.P.E.' Trailer Hints at Madatoms' Silent Studio Backing

MadatomsImagine if you lived in a world where law protected what you created and your content never fell into the analog hole. S.W.I.P.E. or Specialized Worldwide Intellectual Property Enforcers is here to help, because they are “putting the cop back into copyright protection.”

Madatoms, a digital studio and production company jumping into developing web series, created S.W.I.P.E. as their first serial project. They are still hashing out distribution details, but there are at least seven more series down the pipeline. The list includes a series directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness) and another series, Dream Crushers, featuring comedy giants such as Will Sasso, Bryan Callen, Sara Rue, and Scott Thompson. Head to their YouTube channel and you will find a few clips over the last month from The Whitest Kids U’Know promoting Fox Atomic’s upcoming Miss March.

The series S.W.I.P.E. follows a fictional federal agency that aims to keep the world safe from piracy and copyright infringement. With the growing numbers of bootleg copies amongst music, movies and video games, these special agents have no choice but to fight crime mercilessly. Think C.S.I. parody. S.W.I.P.E. poses the question “Doesn’t your music sound better knowing that you paid for it legally?” The answer, “Uncle Sam says it does, bitch.”

Written and directed as a team by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntrye. Ginsburg said the idea for the series was spawned after the government anti-copyright campaigns, which you have most likely seen as a commercial at the movie theater, and only made you laugh at the issue.

Max Hartman plays Special Agents Billdog Hicks and Joel Spence plays special agent Hersch Norton. There is also an appearance from Kate Micucci (Scrubs) who is also well known for her YouTube musical exploits on ukulele.

The trailer for S.W.I.P.E. was uploaded last week; although at the moment there is no official date set for release.

[Ed. Note: It appears this series may have some major studio backing according to some recent Tweets about it, which indicate that Fox Atomic is behind this one. The official Miss March promotional videos and ads on Madatoms site seem to conqur. No confirmation from the studio at this point.]