Casual, meaningless sex is revered with a comic wit in the new 10-part web series Hell Froze Over.

Threesomes, dating mishaps, and one-night stands have never been funnier. Well, maybe they were in My Damn Channel‘s Wainy Days, but that’s more of a gozno comedy. This Misplaced Planet production, like the classic online original We Need Girlfriends, is firmly grounded in the realm of sitcom. The series explores the sexual exploits of a single woman, Jody and will entertain those with a taste for dry humor and an aversion to chick flicks.

Jody (Tracy Clifton) is unapologetic about her promiscuity and determined to prove to her roommate that she can find a decent mate. In an effort to find Mr. Right, the twentysomething year-old comes to the conclusion that she must sift through a pool of undesirable – sometimes psychotic or violent – men she previously rejected. She even gives her stalker a chance to prove his eligibility. The process sounds kinda like Step 9, except instead of treating alcoholism it’s meant to help with destructive dating patterns.

“Viewers can always expect to laugh. They can always expect a wild, kinky, or just plain weird date,” said creator and writer Wilder Konschak. “Specifically, they can expect stalkers, fetishists, lesbians and people cursed by God, just to name a few.”

Episode one begins as Jody takes a dare from her roommate (Diana Toshiko). To comply with said dare, Jody begins a journey through the dating world with Whiskey, who confessed over dinner, “My mama named me Whiskey so my father wouldn’t leave. But all it did was make him suck me dry.” The unromantic evening culminates with Jody being locked, much to her delight, in the trunk of Whiskey’s car. Whiskey goes on a shooting spree at a local mall after the date, leading Jody to conclude her choices in men might be impulsive and ill conceived.

“I bet every bitter, lonesome soul has had the moment when they thought, ‘if so-and-so had just given me a shot, so-and-so would be happier now.'” Konschak continued, “I’ll admit, I’ve had that drunken thought myself. And then I wondered – what would it really be like?”

Produced by Alli Hartley and Amy Grumbling along with a team of self-proclaimed “independent film-makers, writers, actors and bums,” Hell Froze Over sets out to answer Konschak’s question. Jody’s dating experiment turns out to be catastrophic and dangerous, but ultimately hilarious. It’s perverse – though in that over-the-top or cheap-shock-value type of way – and genuinely demented.

Konschak said the production has been a labor of love and encourages viewers to watch and tell their friends about the show. “Tip: Episodes about threesomes gone wrong are perfect for sharing with your family.”

New episodes from this season will continue to air on HellFrozeOver.TV every Monday. To check out Jody’s latest dating snafu tune in to episode four on March 2.

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