“I’m a performer at heart.” That’s the first thing you need to know about Dame Delilah, proprietress of “Dame Delilah’s Fantasy Ranch & Gift Shoppe.”

But Dame Delilah doesn’t perform anymore because she’s taken the reins at this family-run sex ranch outside Winnemucca, Nevada (a city Johnny Cash once visited). The ranch has been passed down mother-to-daughter for three successive generations, meaning Dame Delilah has a lot to do, so one of the other girls is going to have to take care of your fetish…or give you that hj.

Created by Reno 911 and The State veteran Kerri Kenney-Silver and produced by cinematographer/husband, Steven Silver, Dame Delilah’s Fantasy Ranch & Gift Shoppe revolves around the daily activities of the eponymous, poor man’s Moonlite BunnyRanch.

You should take a moment, sit back with a cocktail, and meet Dame Delilah (played by Kerri Kenney-Silver) along with some of her lovely whores. A few have been around a while and they all know how treat you right. Carol is a real “can do” gal – hell, she’s been at it for 13 years! – with a few endearing tales to share and an interesting hobby. Pillow is the new girl who’s just trying to make enough money to record her Christian music album, and though she’s met some financial snags – due to her “missionary-only” policy – she’s determined raise the cash.

Among the other folks you’ll find around the ranch are Chef Lou (Joe LoTruglio), van driver Randy (A.D. Miles) or perhaps even Howard, a ranch regular.

Some viewers may consider this a sort of spin-off from Kenney-Silver’s role on Reno 911. It is, to a certain extent. Both series take place in Nevada and a majority of the humor is derived from stereotypes of rural ignorance and bumbling folksy-ness. But where Kenney-Silver’s Trudy Wiegel is trying to compensate for her lack of lovin’ and insecurities by carrying a badge and pistol, Dame Delilah’s a sweet yet confident businesswoman with a firmer, if more illicit grip on reality.

This series has an unusual format, eschewing a traditional season-long plot for what is essentially a multitude of video diary vignettes. The “episodes” are predominantly short interviews that give a personal perspective on an event at the ranch. This is Dame Delilah‘s biggest drawback.

While the interviews with the “ranch hands” and other regulars are (mostly) hilarious, it’s disappointing that there are no live action sequences. Instead of watching a real show, it’s like perusing bonus features on a dvd. Perhaps there are plans to head away from the confessionals. I hope so. Get LoTruglio, Miles, and Kenney-Silver in character and in a room with a camera and I’m sure the recordings will be comedy gold.

But even before that happens, be sure to swing by Dame Delilah’s Fantasy Ranch & Gift Shoppe on My Damn Channel.

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