EmissaryEmissary revealed itself to the web series world amid the superhero sci-fi hustle and bustle of New York Comic-Con this weekend.

Starring Philip Morris (that’s Smallville and Meet the Spartans Philip Morris, not tobacco company Philip Morris) and co-created by Morris and Dekker Dreyer, former artistic director of the Illusion On Demand network as well as the mind behind Tentacle Grape Soda, Emissary appears to be a rather high-concept science fiction web series about an ages-old struggle between “peak humans” chosen by fate to lead humanity, and those who want their power.

What this actually entails is open to interpretation, but the trailer seems to indicate that deliciously mopey shots of New York City, black clothing, and a chance for Morris to show off his martial arts prowess are all going to be had in abundance. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a while for this one – Emissary isn’t supposed to start production until late 2009, with the first episode currently aimed for an early 2010 release.

EmissaryIf the trailer didn’t sufficiently slake your appetite, keep in mind that the roster appears to be chock-full of sci-fi/fantasy talent, including Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica, and a good amount of artistic direction from original comics legend Neal Adams. I’ll end this with a few tidbits in the press release from Morris and Dreyer:

“As an actor, I have had wonderful experiences in the sci-fi / action-adventure world. With “Emissary”, I get a chance to bring my own sense of expression to this vital genre, as an actor, producer, and writer. I also get the chance to use skills that the audience may not know that I truly possess, like the martial arts. In meeting Dekker Dreyer and collaborating with him, it has all come together, and I’m very grateful. I am excited to bring this to the fans, and hope that they appreciate what we’re doing. Being a comic book geek myself, it’s important to me to honor the fans with this material. We’re a picky bunch, and if they like it, I will be happy.” – Philip Morris, co-creator.

“I live in NYC and there are plenty of strange things that happen there every day. We wanted danger to be around every corner. Old buildings, old mysteries… strange people, those things excite me. At its core Emissary is a fantastic story and it’s easy for a show to stretch too far from a believable, grounded universe. Phil and I are both big fans of hiding the extraordinary inside the everyday. Here we have elements of a dark real-world story, but ultimately it’s a hopeful fantasy.” – Dekker Dreyer, co-creator.

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