Rich DeMuro - Synched UpSome people get laid off and immediately start looking for work. Some file for unemployment. Others lounge around. Rich DeMuro keeps working.

Despite the fact that he’s a media veteran who has worked with CNET on The Queue and served as a tech expert for KCBS and KCAL TV stations in Los Angeles, DeMuro is going it alone this time with Synched Up, a home-made tech news web series covering gadgets, viral videos and most recently, the Tubefilter Meetup, with a budget of very close to $0.

Synched Up has seen twelve episodes since its December 30th debut last year, and it has covered topics near and dear to a techie’s heart, including Obama’s BlackBerry, Google Latitude, and, of course, the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, so make sure to check out the show via iTunes or YouTube. We were able to synch up with Rich for a moment and plumb his brain on the Meetup as well as his future plans for the show.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the meetup.  There were more people there than I ever imagined.  It’s really an amazing intersection of talent available in Hollywood – you have people that understand the behind the scenes aspect of producing content plus the folks who get the on-camera part.  Mix that with the availability of affordable equipment and web distribution services and suddenly you can be as creative as you’ve ever imagined.”

“Also, something that struck me as really cool at the event – the lack of attitude.  It seems everyone is willing to exchange stories, share tips and network for the advancement of the entire web video industry.”

“My only critique had to do with the bar – with an event that big it would be kind of cool to have an express beer line so you don’t waste time waiting in line for a drink.  That’s valuable networking time wasted!  But for $5, still not a bad deal.”

“My plans for the Synched Up Show are simple.  Produce quality content consistently and try to build my audience of regulars.  To keep it simple I’m using YouTube and to distribute the videos online – so you can watch pretty much anywhere – your computer at work, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and I’ve even checked it out on YouTube mobile on my Blackberry Pearl.  I’m doing shows three days a week right now – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I hope to get to a place where I have a dedicated subscriber/viewer base so I can do even cooler things with the show, including more interaction with the viewers in the form of video responses, skype video shout outs and more.”

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