PixelCorps.com is a burgeoning guild “for the next generation of craftsmen…digital craftsmen,” that offers hands-on courses in computer graphics, animation, and short film production.

PixelCorps.TV is an offshoot comprised of tutorials and shows designed to entertain and inform the Pixel Corps community of new happenings in technology, media, and video production.

Along with internet ephemera connoisseur Martin Sargent and Francophile Tim Street, I was a guest on the latest episode of Pixel Corp’s TWiM (This Week in Media).

Hosts Alex Lindsay and Daisy Whitney led us on a fun and insightful discussion about who watches Veoh, what’s the status of video search, and how President Obama has designs to make the government more internet friendly and open (preferably by handing out some government contracts to Common Craft and French Maids, so they can explain to the general populace in simple terms wtf actually goes on in Washington, i.e….)

Head on over to Pixel Corps to hear the episode of TWiM, or click here.

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