Hey, man, what do you wanna do today?

Don’t even bother answering. It doesn’t matter, because you should want to watch this web series about two young, male roommates living it up in Nashville. They’re platonic. They’re boys. They’re friends. They’re Boy Friends

The series stars and is co-written by Todd Michael Rogers and Matt Elam, two members of Team Genius, “a tightly loose-knit collection of entertainers.” Some reactionary types may immediately write these guys off for their beards or the fact that their pants fit. Others may shudder at the brilliantly awful (yes, that means ironic) throwback early-’90s theme song and wacky-antic montage.

Not I. For people of taste such as myself, these are signs of intelligent life in the universe. Even their title font is perfect.

Lighting by Jesus Christ and Thomas Edison? Stealing a Matchbox Twenty song for your intro? So far everything about this show is hilarious, including the episode length (which is wonderfully short). Todd and Matt are just two regular hipster dudes who enjoy comic books, playing boardgames with each other, and staging a modern, Southern renditions of William Tell. Sometimes, though, they just savor each others’ company while relaxing in the living room with a good book.

Right now I’m seriously contemplating using Boy Friends as a catch-all compatibility test. Any prospective new friends, employers, employees (that’s a stretch, I know), roommates, co-conspirators…you name it, they’re all going to sit through each episode of Boy Friends and laugh heartily at the one-liners and punchlines about nothing, lest I begin to question their decision-making capabilities. I particularly enjoy this episode:

Todd and Matt wrap up their 10 episode series with a clever callback to episode one that follows an amazing Donkey Kong daydream-sequence. I don’t know if they have plans to continue this show – and maybe a short run is ultimately for the best – but they’ve definitely left me wanting more.

Boy Friends isn’t Team Genius‘ only project – members have also produced several music videos, perform improv and do live sketch comedy – but it is, in my opinion, their most fully realized and most enjoyable. I’d like to see more from these guys and I have a feeling we will.

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