Dangerous WomenA busy January continues for Strike.TV with the debut of two more shows, both a bit off the beaten path of standard web fare. Dangerous Women, which premiered January 22nd, and Fusion, debuting today, both take up residence far away from three-minute comedy sketches and twenty-something angst.

Both shows also have interesting pedigrees, with Dangerous Women reuniting a troika of actresses from a cult favorite and Fusion being backed by an accomplished science-fiction writer.

Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly, the three female leads from Sam Raimi‘s 1981 camp-horror classic The Evil Dead, star in Dangerous Women as suburban housewives, though despite a long voice-over introduction in episode one, this trio seems to live a long way from Wisteria Lane. The first episode is nearly all expository information, until a shadowy figure is seen behind Sandweiss in the final scene. The multi-genre series from writer-producer David O’Malley and director Lee Miller claims to be “part hyper-drama, with tantalizing doses of horror, suspense, satire, soap opera, fantasy and even sci-fi.”

According to the synopsis available on the Strike.TV site, the three women – Cheryl, Linda and Shelly, in a nod to the 80’s classic – will battle “sadistically evil doubles” in future episodes. It is pretty safe to say that those battles won’t be over who brings orange wedges to the soccer game.

FusionFusion, meanwhile, sets up an X-Files-like pairing in the 12-minute first episode – if Mulder was a mutant of some sort and Scully could see people’s past by touching them. The series is created and written by Richard Manning, who co-created Beyond Reality for the USA Network and has worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Farscape, among others.

The Fusion pilot is available already on the show’s web site, fusiontheseries.com and on Strike.TV. Future episodes, according to the creators, will be produced when production funds can be raised.

More of Tubefilter’s coverage of Strike.TV can be seen here, including Pat Miller’s recent piece on the channel’s new ninja series, Katana.

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