Well-spoken, intelligent, fair-minded, fit, dapper…and now bullet proof? Can this guy be for real?

You read right. The seemingly standard, conventional, conservative suit that President Obama donned before catapulting The United States into a new era was, in fact, bullet proof.  Though the secret service has not officially confirmed details of the inaugural garment, informed sources suspect it was created by Colombian clothing designer Miguel Caballero who specializes in business appropriate bullet-proof clothing.

‘C’mon’, you say, ‘unfounded hearsay perpetuated by silly bloggers! There’s no such thing as a bullet-proof suit!’

Luckily, VBS.TV Correspondent Ryan Duffy takes a bullet to prove the existence and efficacy of just such attire.  In an interview at Caballero’s Colombian studio, the magic work was explored through an inspection of the unique attire requested by big names such as Steven Seagal.

Talk about a cliffhanger! Stay tuned to see the thrill of this wizard at work. “As one might expect” Duffy writes in the show notes “logic dissolves in the face of a loaded gun, and Miguel–clearly a born showman–really milked the damn thing for all it was worth.”

See the rather theatrical shooting on the second installment at VBS.TV.

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