The online video resurrection of things 80s isn’t only relegated to Fox television sitcom stars, MTV anchors, and Super Mario characters. With the launch of Strike.TV‘s Dangerous Women, the phenomenon now encompasses the female actors that played (dismembered) hormonal teenagers that unwittingly unleashed hell via cassette recording in a remote cabin in the woods of Tennessee.

Kinda, sorta, but not really reprising their roles from Sam Raimi‘s cult classic The Evil Dead, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, and Theresa Tilly play Cheryl, Linda, and Shelly (Fangoria readers will chuckle after quickly realizing those are the same names of their Evil Dead characters). The three are menopausal, suburban house moms afflicted with an American Beauty malaise of middle age and a weariness of the same old routine.

And, of course, they’re all cursed with a “sadistically evil” doppelganger (queue the screams and dramatic music!).

Instead of curing the trio of their midlife crisis with a part-time gig at a fast food joint, aspirations to create a naked calendar, or the job of neighborhood drug dealer, Dangerous Women creator David O’Malley (who also penned Fatal Instinct) prescribes Cheryl, Linda, and Shelly with a “shameful secret” that leads to personal lives “turned upside-down, marriages destroyed, careers disrupted, and friendships threatened.”

The premiere episode has all the trappings of a cliched, feel-good, chick flick for fortysomethings, but sets up enough intrigue and the promise of gore to keep this twentysomething guy tuned in. Check out Dangerous Women on Strike.TV.

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